Why is this topic important to me?

This topic was very important to me and hit very close to home.  I have been playing sports and have been interested in sports for as long as I can remember.  I have been playing softball since the age of seven and continue to play softball and other various sports today.  As an athlete, I found it difficult at times to find someone that I could look up to.  It was also hard to find the sports that I play on television to watch.  Men are able to turn on the television or pick up a magazine and see their favorite athlete playing their sport.  Women; however, are rarely able to watch their role models succeed at their sport.  Also, when you do find your favorite athlete in a magazine or on television, they are usually being portrayed as sexual objects.  Female athletes are often not on television or in magazines because society believes a woman should be focused on more feminine things.  Female and male athletes should be covered in the media equally.


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